Saturday, September 17, 2011

So glad I didn't have that garage sale....a SPELLING game!

Emma is now a first grader and is having weekly spelling on EARTH did my baby become a big girl in the blink of an eye?  We have had fun practicing her words...and I'm always looking for something mix it up.  With my background in education, I understand that there are many modes to assist in really *learning* something.  So, when I saw this idea on Pinterest, I knew I had to recreate it...but I *really* needed it not to use white stickers and my hand printing.  {embarrassing to admit that I'm silly like that?  yes!} I raided my old scrapbooking boxes {I'm digital now} and found these wonderful letter stickers.  I think they look clean and tidy and they make me want to use them to spell...I hope Emma feels the same way.  :)

To use: *have your child read the words that you build for them *have your child build words from a pile of disconnected blocks *have your child build words that are not on his or her spelling list, but follow the pattern (for example, Emma does not have the word "hat" but has several "at" words) this way he or she is learning other words in the family

I have built blocks for Emma's first and second weeks of school so far, and will continue to build until I run out of blocks {here I come garage sales!} also recognizing that many letters are repeats, blocks will be used over and over.

Go get your outgrown Duplo blocks and make some spelling blocks!  I'd love to see your kiddos using them as well.  :)