Monday, January 10, 2011

~Monday MoJo~

One week down in the new year!!  I did not do 100% of my chore list last I just can not do a certain task on the appointed day (ahem, toilet....I really dislike cleaning you.)  But...overall, I kept up fairly well...I'd say 85%-ish?  Not too shabby!  And...I also did other the major playroom overhaul.  :)  That felt GREAT and my children LOVED the outcome.  Which in itself elevates my success to 100%  :)  Yay me!  (Yes...I congratulate myself.  If I waited for outside congratulations, could be a cold day.)

So...MOJO.  So far today I have
  • edited my chore list to include some personal tasks (if you don't use one, check out Motivated Moms )
  • made my menu plan for the week and completed a grocery list
  • completed reading with E (we home school, remember?)
  • cranked some showtunes to clean to  lol...yes, showtunes.  ;)  feel free to laugh with me!
I have to tell you about my grocery list tool-I ♥adore♥ it.  I use an app on my iPhone called Grocery iQ.  It is SO COOL and it really makes shopping sort of fun.  ;)  I can set the list up to shop by the isles in my store so everything is in the right order as I steer through the isles.  A simple click marks your item off the list and if you set it up with grocery prices, it will tabulate your running grocery total.  You can scan the UPC of *many* items right from your kitchen or from the market.  I have mine totally personalized with the things we use at home.  You can also use coupons with this app.  (I admit, I do not, so I do not know much about it...yikes!) You should really check it out.  I see they also have the app for Droid.  :)  Yay smart phones! did you do last week?  I admitted to my less than perfect run....tell me how you did!  What do you do to keep yourself motivated?  I can always use additional motivation.  :)


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