Monday, January 17, 2011

~Monday Motivation~ water

Water. kids and I have been talking about water during school time a lot this past week. We came up with a question.  How much water is there on, in, and above the Earth? The image on that page is awesome.  They  *really* liked it.  And of course, this is an abstract concept at nearly 4 and 5.5 years old...but, introducing the vocabulary of the water cycle is HUGE for future understanding.  Then we began to talk about water in the human body.  I should mention....I am a "drink water" this is something they think about. And we wondered.... How much water is there in the human body?    Another fun link. :)  It is amazing how much water is necessary, and how much many of us tend to ignore it.  When E tells me she is too tired to learn (and I know she has had a good night sleep and not been pushed too far) I offer her a glass of water.  In five minutes or so...she is back to learning.  Miracle?  No.  Water.  ;)

So...where does this turn to motivation?  Here.  I am a self proclaimed water freak...but left to my own devices, I'd drink more coffee than water.  {hide}  It is true.  However, coffee does not have the same wonderful effects on the body as water does.  So, I have to have a little external motivation.  I found an app last summer that not only tells me how much water I need to consume each day based on my individual needs (ie: weight, coffee consumption, activity level, breastfeeding status) but also tracks it for me.  It is customizable for water serving size as well.  I just love this app and it is a daily user.  It motivates me to keep well hydrated and I feel GREAT being hydrated!  Water My Body  is a 99 cent app.  There is also a free one now, but I paid the 99 cents as it was not available when I started.  Oh, and you *can* hide your body weight.  I do.  ;)  Check it out!  It's a cheapie...or a freebie....and I don't think you'll regret it.  :)


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