Monday, January 3, 2011

~Motivation Monday~

It is the first Monday of 2011!!  I would love to say I had everything in my life in order and spontaniously organized....but, often, I need motivation to do things.  Sometimes just talking about it with others is enough. I am all about *accountability*  ;)  Sometimes I need to make a check mark.  Some physical way to record my accomplishment.  I also use my iPhone and a few handy-dandy apps. (I did not think I needed a smart phone.  I mean...I had a phone.  I had a calendar.  I have a computer....dude.  NEVER was I so wrong.  Everyone needs an iPhone.  Needs.  You may not know it...but you do need one.) the spirit of the new year....I want to share how I keep organized.  Motivation Monday.  I'll post my methods, and I'd love for you to share too!

This is my household folder.  I keep EVERYTHING in it.

It is, quite simply, a folder that I decorated to make it feel special.  lol....yes....the "pretty" motivates me to keep it around.  :)  Inside I have my weekly chore list, my menu planner, a month at a glance calendar to record appointments, bills in the pockets, ballet schedules, homeschooling information/ name it, if it has to do with keeping me organized, it is in there.  If I had to leave my house in an emergency...I would grab it right after my children.
The chore list *really* keeps me organized.  It lists many things that you may already do...but it allows you to check them off and feel the accomplishment.  Also, my favorite part, is that it takes big jobs that *need* to be completed (but sometimes rarely do) and breaks them up over several days so that you are not overwhelmed with a huge task on any one day.  Every Sunday evening, I look over the week and cross off things that do not apply to me and add extra chores that are individual to my home.  (Like, take out the trash can on Tuesday night....I would never remember otherwise!)
I like this planner so much, that I contacted Deann at Motivated Moms and asked her if my friends and readers could have a little discount to start off the year right!  She offered a code to take a dollar off, so this year long planner can be in your notebook for just $7!  Click here -
or click on the button to the right, choose your planner (there is even an APP this year!!) and enter the code GETHERE upon checkout.  :)

Happy Monday!!  :)


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