Saturday, January 15, 2011

~Simplify on Saturday~ the computer

This week has been seriously curious.  It has had ups and downs, hurt and joy, excitement and disappointment.  Sounds like a pretty normal week, huh?  Yesterday was an especially interesting, gleeful, lonely, and curiosity inspiring day.  I know!  All in 24 hours.  I am learning to go with the flow and simply rise to meet the wave where it joins me.  I am also learning to take joy in the small stuff.  :)

To simplify my life today...I am "cleaning up" my computer.  How often is this ignored?  (lots around here...I turn my computer on and expect it to just *go* even when it is nearly full...heaven knows when I'm nearly full I come to a near standstill!)  My laptop is 3 and a half years old.  Three and a half years of daily use.  I have SO many unused programs and I have files all mish-mashed around.   I am going to begin by uninstalling *all* the programs I do not use.  (Please don't go and delete things that you are unsure of....just get rid of those trials or outdated ones.) Then I'll run updates.  I'm fairly certain that my computer is smart enough to do this....but, better safe than sorry.

Then...the files.  UGH.  Photos first I think?  Then documents.  They MUST be sorted out logically.  And...I have lots of back up to do.  My family keeps telling me to get a thumb drive.  But, I have personal webspace that I am going to upload to.  Then I can access it anywhere, anytime.

So.  Lots of sitting today.  My butt already hurts...but my computer will thank me.  ;)

What are you going to simplify this Saturday?


Suzanne said...

My dresser top and chair in my bedroom, both have become dumping grounds, ugh.

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